Series: Age of Kings

King Manasseh and King Josiah

June 23, 2024 | Dan Reid

Passage: 2 Chronicles 33:1-35:27


King Manasseh
1. King Manasseh was an evil king ___ __ _________
2. Manasseh _______ himself before God and ________
3. Sin carries ____________

King Josiah
1. Josiah _____ the Lord
2. Josiah begins to _____ ___ _______ things from Judah and Jerusalem
3. Josiah restores the _______ __ ___ 

Take Aways
We need to ______ ______ from our lives and allow God to ____ __ 
a. Like both Manasseh and Josiah we need to do an __________ from time to time to see what needs to be purged
b. As followers of Christ – put a high priority on the _____ __ ___ ____
c. We must give God’s word _____ _____ in our lives
d. Make sure God has ___ ____ ____ you have to give Him – not just what is left over

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Series Information

Some were wise, some were reckless, all were powerful...A study on how God used the lives of fallen men to accomplish His purposes for His special people.

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